Halliday LLC was formed in 2010 to be a mechanical engineering firm that combines research, design, mechanical engineering, simulation analysis, and prototype development to design and engineer products to maximize their performance. It is our goal to develop product designs that have an Intellectual Property position. This enables our clients to further ensure their products’ long-term competitive success.

We are always asking,

“how can we help our clients successfully grow their business? What are the unmet needs? What can we do that is different?”

At Halliday LLC, we hire engineers that are passionate about re-thinking what is commonly accepted as conventional. We work with our clients either as an independent autonomous engineering team or as an integrated addition to their business. While our engineers have a longstanding history designing military vehicles, military vehicle survivability solutions, and high performance race cars, we also serve other industries where our experience can be leveraged into a successful product design.

We see our singularly creative design approach, multi-industry experience and ability to work quickly and efficiently as a competitive advantage that we can use to better serve our clients and meet their objectives. Typically, this means that our designs need to meet the following broad requirements:

  • patentable
  • performance driven
  • customizable
  • user-centric
  • on-budget

We also focus on the long-term financial and environmental impact of our product designs by minimizing product life costs and reducing their environmental footprint.

If you have any questions about how we might be able to help you, please contact us. We will happily work with you to determine how we can best help you meet your objectives.