With increased pressure to deliver products to the market quickly and efficiently, it has become increasingly important to our clients that we integrate multi-body dynamics computer simulation analysis into our design process. With our goal of minimizing traditional “build and test” design methods which is time consuming and expensive, Halliday LLC uses dynamic simulation in conjunction with FEA to obtain a full profile of the product.

Through the dynamic simulation, Halliday LLC engineers are able to study complex mechanical systems to better understand their dynamics and demonstrate how loads and forces are transmitted through the product as it is used. The FEA specialists and the designers then use this information to improve the design and ensure it meets the clients’ requirements.

Halliday LLC performs most of our dynamics analysis in Altair’s Motion View and Motion Solve. However, we have experience in Adams and have resources available to perform analysis with this software when required.

Our dynamics consulting services include:
  • Suspension design
  • • Kinematics and compliance
    • Static ride, roll and loading cases
    • Wheel envelope studies
    • Trim height and spring tuning
  • Mobility (ride and handling)
  • Tire modeling and behavior
  • Load predictions and fatigue analysis