Deformable Modular Armored Combat Systems (DMACS) survivability solution

As soldiers’ needs for protection have escalated on the battlefield, military vehicles must meet a much higher standard of protection. To date, companies have approached this challenge by building heavier vehicles with thicker armor or introducing light weight highly expensive armor solutions to existing vehicles. Neither approach meets the government’s requirements of military vehicles meeting high standards of protection without degrading payload capacity or performance at a reasonable cost.

Halliday LLC’s proprietary patented technology DMACS revolutionizes how blast energy is vented through and around the vehicle. We can achieve high levels of protection using inexpensive readily available armor solutions without adding weight to the vehicle. Simulation testing by three independent organizations has confirmed that a 70% plus reduction in floor accelerations is readily achievable using the DMACS technology over a traditional hull shape. Further, a live full scale blast test proves these simulation results are accurate.

Halliday has integrated the DMACS technology into four vehicle concepts:

  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle: Advanced full vehicle design: mid engine, 5 person plus gunner
  • Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle: Advanced cab design: chassis rail system, 4 person plus gunner
  • Ground Combat Vehicle: Preliminary concept design: layout of occupant areas
  • Ground Mobility Vehicle: Preliminary concept design: layout of occupants and major automotive systems

DMACS has other inherent performance benefits including higher ground clearance for increased mobility, up-armoring is simple and fast, and automotive systems do not overheat as they are outside of the armor.

The implementation of DMACS into a vehicle specific survivability solution can be accomplished in a few months.

Halliday LLC requires non disclosure agreements in place prior to showing more details of these vehicles’ unique design qualities.

Deformable Floating Floor System (DFFS) survivability solution

The engineering team has also developed a new flooring system that will reduce lower leg injury in a blast event. It is unlike any other floor seen in existing military vehicles and employs technology from mountain climbing. With patents pending, this technology is ready for full scale testing.

Our goal with all our military designs is to:

“meet the fundamental requirements of the military to create survivability solutions that are cost effective to build and maintain but provide greater protection, performance and usability for the warfighter without degrading payload”

If you want to change the status quo, save soldiers lives and increase soldiers chances of walking unharmed from an IED attack, please call us. We can make a difference with our technology and design approach.