Halliday LLC employs individuals from diverse engineering backgrounds to bring dynamic and creative perspective to design.  With experience across multiple industries from race car engineering, product development with consulting engineering firms, industrial manufacturing design, and systems engineering, our team’s philosophy is to integrate best practice from these industries to create simple, efficient, and effective designs.  Our team has extensive experience in developing new technologies, with several members having patented their own designs. 

Essentially, we are:

“ideas people with a passion for inventing innovative products that meet the changing needs of our customers”.

Project Management

Project Management is essential to the success of our programs.  Our project managers are skilled engineers with considerable experience in managing projects across multiple industries from racing, military, medical, sport to consumer goods. They are comfortable working on large extensive programs that cover long development times, or smaller focused projects that require solutions to be developed quickly and efficiently.   They are hands on fostering an environment of collaboration and support between the engineers and specialists.

Lead Engineers

Our Lead Engineers have extensive experience in vehicular, racing, aerospace and marine design and have worked for many leading manufacturers in the United States.  They are experienced in the entire design process from concept initiation and research to final product delivery.  They are skilled engineers who are passionate about good design.

Dynamics Specialists / Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Specialists

Our Dynamics and FEA engineers are talented.  While they have extensive experience in their field, they have are also grounded in product design.   They have worked as engineers in multiple industries including open wheel racing, NASCAR, military, tires and consumer products. They are an integral part of the engineering process working collaboratively with the design engineers to maximize the performance of the vehicle. 

Mechanical Engineers/Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Generalists

Our engineers have extensive design experience across multiple industries and were hired for their creativity in design and their thorough knowledge of engineering principles.  At Halliday LLC, we truly believe that the strength of our designs and our ability to meet our client’s needs is due to the effectiveness of our engineers’ collaboration. Working together, our engineers challenge each other and use their leadership to look beyond the obvious solutions and invent an alternative approach that is simple and effective.

Due to the importance of FEA in the design process from product conceptualization to final product testing, we are actively developing this skill set in all our engineering professionals.  We require all of our engineers to integrate FEA principles into their design process through hand calculations and computer analysis.