Halliday LLC was founded in 2011 by Don Halliday. Don brings a unique perspective to the company through more than 40 years of designing, engineering and driving open wheel race cars. His experience has uniquely prepared him to bring the simple, efficient design philosophy of auto racing into the military and automotive industry.   

“At Halliday LLC, our team looks at vehicle design differently. We start with the people and assess their needs. The vehicle is then designed from the people out. Our primary focus is on protection, then usability and comfort. Through my years in racing I have seen many high impact crashes with personal friends injured and killed. The knowledge that the driver is always on the edge of the safe zone is always top of mind as I design and engineer these racecars. This is so similar to soldiers in hostile territory who at any moment can experience their vehicle hitting an IED mine. Racing has seen many advances in how the cars protect its drivers, the same needs to happen in military vehicles. We have the technology, we need to deploy it.”
- Don Halliday